Forex basics

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Forex basics
September 20, 2023
Candlestick patterns trading: basics and tips
How to trade bullish and bearish candlestick patterns and how to use them for making more informed decisions? Let's explore the basics and tips.
Forex basics
September 14, 2023
6 best Forex currency pairs to trade in 2023
On the Forex market, all currencies are traded in pairs. Explore the most traded currency pairs and tips for trading them.
Forex basics
September 11, 2023
Slippage in trading: 5 ways to avoid or minimize it
The Forex market is volatile due to plenty of reasons. Slippage occurs when your request was sent but the price has moved at that time. What factors cause it?
Forex basics
September 6, 2023
Scalping, day trading, swing trading or position trading: your best choice?
Your trading system should be well-reasoned and back-tested. Choose the right Forex trading strategy here.
Forex basics
July 3, 2023
Over leveraging: the reason traders fail
Trading in Forex markets is full of pitfalls and over leveraging is the probable cause of your failure. How to prevent this worst-case scenario from happening?
Forex basics
April 23, 2023
Prop trading firm vs broker: who wins?
Bouncing between a broker and a prop trading firm? It's better to understand key differences to opt for the right option and fulfill your needs.