How to set MT4 alerts correctly and quickly

15 Jan 2024
mt4 alerts

Price alerts are an invaluable tool that can help you maximize the efficiency of your trading day by ensuring that you are adequately informed about developments in the market as they occur. It is of the utmost importance to maintain vigilance regarding market events and significant price fluctuations.

In order to ensure that you are promptly notified whenever particular price thresholds are met in the market, you can stay informed about price changes by creating price alerts, which can help you stay knowledgeable about price changes.

Setting up price alerts on the MetaTrader 4 platform is a simple process. Using this method, you will be notified when particular levels are reached, which will free you from the laborious task of staring at your screen for the entirety of the day.

Price alerts are an invaluable tool that can help you maximize the efficiency of your trading day by ensuring that you are adequately informed about developments in the market as they occur. On the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform, getting price alerts is a simple and straightforward process.

What Are MT4 Alerts?

Traders can utilize price alerts in MT4 to establish notifications for particular price levels in the market. Once the market hits or surpasses these predetermined price levels, an alert is activated, and the trader is promptly informed via a sound, pop-up notification, or email. Price alerts assist traders in staying updated on significant market shifts or achieving desired conditions for trading with no requirement for constant monitoring.

What Is The Best Way To Manage An MT4 Alarm?

The alerts management feature in MT4 enables traders to manage and adjust their alerts. There are numerous options at your disposal in the context menu for this objective:

  • Generate: This function empowers traders to generate a fresh alert. You have two ways to access it: either by choosing the option from the context menu or by pressing the Insert key on your keyboard.
  • Remove: Traders have the option to use the remove command to eliminate an alert. You have the option to access it either through the context menu or by pressing the Delete key.
  • Toggle Functionality: This command allows you to activate or deactivate an alert. Turning off an alert signal prevents it from being triggered, but it remains intact and is not permanently removed. Traders have the option to re-enable it at a later time. Traders have the option to switch the turn on/off status by either pressing the Space key or making adjustments in the alert setup window.
  • Edit: Traders can use the edit command to make changes to an existing alert. You have the option to either double-click on the alert name in the table or press the Enter key to achieve this.

A Simple Guide To Making An MT4 Alert

Step 1. Open the Terminal window

Access your MT4 account and navigate to the Terminal window located at the bottom of the screen. You can do this by using the keyboard shortcut CTRL+T and selecting the Alerts tab.

How to set MT4 alerts correctly and quickly

Step 2. Generate alternative window

After that, perform a right-click using your mouse or keypad within the area formed by the tab and select the "Create" option.

How set MT4 alerts correctly and quickly

Step 3. Generate alert

A different window will pop up. At this location, you have the option to establish a notification system that is triggered by fluctuations in market prices or by selecting a particular timeframe. In addition, you have the option to choose a specific date for when the alert will no longer be active. After completing all the necessary details for the alert, click 'OK' to generate the alert. All notifications will be displayed in the dedicated "Alerts" section of the platform.

generate mt4 alert

Using MT4 Alert Indicator in Practice

A lot of traders need to pay more attention to this aspect. Nevertheless, the practical benefits of using it make it worthwhile, so we will outline various scenarios where alerts are recommended:

  • Occasionally, it may not be advantageous to initiate a trade at the present price. That's why it's necessary to be vigilant in front of the computer, monitoring the trading terminal and patiently awaiting a favorable price. A limit order may not always be the most optimal approach. In such scenarios, you have the option to confidently set an MT4 alarm and proceed to enjoy some television. Once the alert is activated, it is advisable to return to your terminal, carefully examine the market conditions, and initiate a trade.
  • If you're not a fan of trading within a specific range or waiting for a breakout, you have the option to set up an alert that will notify you when the price moves outside of that range.
  • If you engage in trading during the market opening (such as the London or New York session), it may be beneficial for you to utilize alerts that can conveniently inform you about the opening. In this situation, it would be helpful to use the Trading Sessions indicator ("FXSSI.TradingSessions").
  • Investors who tend to forget things can also set up alerts to be notified before news releases. Similar to the previous scenario, it would be more advantageous to transfer this functionality to the dedicated News indicator ("FXSSI.Calendar").

Here is an illustration of a real-life scenario where the starting point has been established using the "Three Indians" pattern.

three indians pattern

The region where the market entry has been successful is indicated in gray, with an alert placed next to it.

Regardless, it's not worth investing excessive time in configuring alerts. Only set alerts for the ones that genuinely hold significance. It is crucial to utilize the tool in the manner it was designed for.

Improve Trading Effectiveness With MT4 Alert

Enabling price alerts on MT4 allows traders to elevate their trading experience and stay updated on ever-changing market prices consistently. Traders can easily keep tabs on the market at regular intervals, even if they're not actively engaged on the trading platform, which helps them save valuable time, energy, and effort.

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