Why DxTrade and FXCI are Good Solutions for Traders

05 May 2024
Why DxTrade and FXCI are Good Solutions for Traders

DxTrade is a trading system ready for foreign exchange and contract for difference (CFD) brokers. It has strong risk management and back office applications. Because of its versatility, brokers can obtain their optimal configurations on both the front ends of their trading platforms and in their brokerage operations.

Due to the fact that the broker decides all of the layouts and configurations of the platform, DxTrade was developed as a trading platform that gives brokers the ability to differentiate themselves from the larger market. The significant degree of automation and customization that is present also extends to the backend setups, which allow brokers to establish limits, rebates, margins, spreads, and client execution on instruments, group, or individual client levels. Because of this, brokers are able to develop individualized services for a variety of customer constituencies.

In addition, DxTrade provides investors with a number of customized trading tools that are intended to improve the overall user experience and to promote both the acquisition and retention of customers. All of these tools, which have been integrated directly into the trading platform, include individualized trading journals, dashboards, contemporary navigation, and a variety of other features, all of which are presented on very user-friendly mobile and online interfaces.

Devexperts is responsible for the platform's complete maintenance and hosting, which enables brokers to provide services to customers worldwide.

Advanced Trading Features

A cutting-edge trading platform, DX Trade, was developed with the sole intention of catering to the needs of professional traders and proprietary businesses. It provides Access to a wide range of asset classes, including stocks, options, futures, and currency. It also offers advanced features such as customized user interfaces, charting solid tools, and the ability to engage in algorithmic trading. DX Trade is utilized by FXCI prop company due to its extensive versatility and adaptability, which enables traders to customize the platform to their trading methods and processes. Furthermore, FXCI favors DX Trade due to the fact that it provides extensive risk management tools and real-time market data, both of which are crucial for adequately managing substantial trading volumes.

Risk Management and User Control

Pre-Trade Control and Forex Risk Management are both components of the multi-asset trading platform known as DxTrade, which Devexperts develops. Because of the software's high level of configurability, foreign exchange, and contract for difference (CFD), brokers are able to exercise complete control over their price setting as well as their execution tactics. It provides multiple methods of analysis, risk alarms that may be customized, and portfolio modeling. Controlling the risk of off-market pricing, monitoring and controlling the exposure of the Forex brokerage in real-time, and taking thorough control of transaction execution are all examples of risk management.

Monitoring of Exposure Events in Real Time:

  • Using the exposure monitor, hedge client exposures automatically or straight directly from the monitor.
  • In order to correctly monitor hedging on third-party systems, manual hedges must be input.
  • Take a look at the exposures on both the currency and the language pair levels.
  • Enhanced filtering capabilities for the purpose of monitoring certain account situations or groupings.
  • The total Net Open Position (NOP) allows for the monitoring and management of overall risk.
  • Keep track of the broker's hedging positions using a specialized widget.

Integration with TradingView

By integrating with TradingView, DxTrade provides brokers with a single platform for trade execution, an improved user experience, and Access to fifty million potential customers.

The combination of DxTrade and TradingView is a game-changer since it allows for seamless integration, trade execution on a single platform, and Access to fifty million customers overall.

DxTrade has just been linked with TradingView, a sophisticated charting application for researching financial markets.

Two choices are available to brokers as a result of this integration:

  1. Integration of the DxTrade backend with the TradingView.com platform: Brokers now have access to TradingView's fifty million users, allowing them to provide customers with a streamlined workflow that does not require them to transfer between different trading platforms. TradingView also provides traders with the opportunity to take advantage of its highly motivated investor community.
  2. The trading edition library of TradingView, which is located under your DxTrade: Since your traders will remain within your DxTrade platform and use the familiar interface and charting, you can be certain that no other broker will steal your limelight.

Additionally, it presents prop companies with a fantastic opportunity to supply charts that are in high demand.

The new connection gives brokers Access to TradingView's enormous user base, which in turn promotes their brand and strengthens their trustworthiness. Brokers are provided with an entirely new frontend that is driven by DxTrade's reliable backend. This backend is packed with features that increase client happiness and retention rates with the broker.

By utilizing the connection, brokers are able to provide their customers with a less complicated and more effective user experience. Clients may now save time and effort by completing analysis and executing orders all on one platform rather than having to move between several tools. This is the most notable benefit. Customers also have the advantage of having Access to more than 18,000 pieces of material connected to trading every month.

In response to the demand for speed and efficiency among brokers, Devexperts has developed the integration to facilitate a launch that is both speedy and problem-free. Brokers can link their existing systems to DxTrade without experiencing any delays or complications in their operations.

Mobile Trading Experience

Devexperts, a prominent player in the financial software solutions industry, has introduced its newest breakthrough in trading technology: DxTrade XT Mobile. This cutting-edge mobile application is poised to revolutionize traders' interactions with the financial markets, providing them with a smooth and robust trading experience directly on their mobile devices.

DxTrade XT Mobile offers traders a wide range of features and tools on their mobile devices, allowing for seamless and accurate trading. This cutting-edge application is specially crafted to meet the requirements of contemporary traders, especially the digitally inclined younger demographic who seek immediate Access and swift trading possibilities.

DxTrade XT Mobile impresses with its seamless integration of micro widgets and a content management system. This innovative feature enables brokers to provide customized content and up-to-the-minute notifications tailored to each user's preferences, empowering traders to stay well-informed and make timely decisions.

Traders who utilize DxTrade XT Mobile also enjoy the advantage of receiving real-time market data streaming, guaranteeing that they have the most up-to-date information readily available. The app's user-friendly interface allows users to monitor asset profiles, track portfolio performance, and quickly respond to market developments.

Devexperts offers a personalized approach to providing tailored support, ensuring that each trader receives customized training programs that cater to their specific needs. This guarantees that users can fully utilize the functionalities of the DxTrade platform and maximize the effectiveness of their trading strategies.

In addition, Devexperts has made significant progress in technological innovations by introducing Devexa, an AI-driven chatbot seamlessly integrated into their web trading terminals. This advanced chatbot improves the trader experience by offering customized assistance, delivering pertinent market data, and optimizing trading procedures.

DxTrade XT Mobile marks a significant achievement in Devexperts' dedication to equipping traders with state-of-the-art technology and effortless user experiences. This ushered in a fresh era of mobile trading, empowering traders to stay connected, make well-informed choices, and capitalize on opportunities in real time.

Join the trading revolution and discover the cutting-edge world of mobile trading with DxTrade XT Mobile by Devexperts. Stay ahead of the competition, no matter the time or place.

Support and Resources

The company DxTrade is always ready to provide technical assistance to its customers on any issues. The highest quality of service and efficiency of work distinguishes this company. In addition, the company is interested in the clients' comprehensive development and becoming better every day, so they provide training materials, articles, and manuals, thanks to which traders gain new knowledge and achieve incredible success in the financial markets. The company's library is available directly on its website.

Client Success Stories

During its operation, DxTrade has collected a lot of reviews on the Internet, most of which are predominantly positive. Here are just a few reviews that best describe the experience of traders working with this platform:

I have been using DxTrade for a long time, and I have not experienced any latency. Give it some time to acclimatize to its new volumes. Since the beginning of the US prop tale, I have never experienced any problems and have always praised them. One of the most valuable features is the assessment dashboard, which allows me to monitor my performance in real-time and at any moment. I have a Mac, and the charting response is fantastic. The charting process is relatively quick and straightforward to understand.

The process of adjusting takes some time. I was one of the numerous people that was abruptly transferred here. Nevertheless, after you get used to the new layout, it turns out to be a more pleasant arrangement. Those who are interested in trading on their phone will find that this is a genuine article. The application is relatively easy to navigate, and it has all of the PC functionality that you could want.

If I were to begin, I would start with the negatives since they are rather significant. EAs and an auto break-even tool that automatically adjusts the stop level are not available. Please, DxTrade, make this right away. It needs this in a hurry. While this is true, it is, without a doubt, the most excellent platform I've ever utilized. The charting method is by far the most effective and versatile. I have yet to use a mobile application that even comes close to matching its capabilities. It would help if you also made sure that the broker you pick has sufficient data in the charting; otherwise, you won't be able to go back far enough in time.

FXCI Collaboration with DxTrade

FXCI offers our clients the best trading solution in the form of DxTrade accounts. FXCI goes above and beyond to assist clients in simple navigation of the real-time financial markets inside a simulated environment. This is accomplished by providing clients with a wide range of industry-leading tools, TradingView charts, the most straightforward trading objectives, and the quickest withdrawals for up to twenty-four hours. Over one hundred different virtual assets are available for trading on this platform, including big and small Forex equities, metals, indexes, commodities, and more. In addition, the partnership with DxTrade is precisely what makes it possible for you to provide the majority of these options.

Advantages of Working with DxTrade and FXCI

Ten benefits of DxTrade:

  • Superior technical support
  • Demanded platform features
  • Algorithmic trading capabilities
  • Access to a vast number of assets
  • Ability to customize user interfaces
  • Functional mobile application
  • Seamless integration
  • Available tariff plans
  • User-friendly interface that even beginners can understand
  • Highest level of security

As a pioneer in supplying traders with institutional money since 2023, FXCI has helped them grow. The institution's funding program targets disciplined and consistent traders and provides them with crucial funds. Traders must meet the criteria for financing. People can use business resources after extensive testing.

Advantages of FXCI:

  • Splitting earnings by 85%
  • Raw spreads
  • User-friendly platform
  • EAs, copy trading, and martingales are allowed
  • A vibrant, like-minded community

Conclusion: Closing Thoughts

With the incredible functionality and customizability of the platform's interface, a wide selection of assets, and an incredibly user-friendly mobile app, the DxTrade platform will be a real eye-opener for many traders who want to focus on trading and not think about anything else that could distract them. Combined with the opportunities FXCI will provide, traders will have a great chance to showcase their abilities and realize their trading potential to the fullest. So why wait? Start trading successfully today.

To summarize, it is safe to say that the prop trading field will never be the same again since FXCI and DxTrade entered it. These firms offer their clients sensational technical trading opportunities and very good functionality that is felt from the first trades. We hope that you will also appreciate all the features of FXCI and DxTrade.

Thank you for reading this article, and we hope you have found the most helpful information. Also, remember to visit our library and learn a lot of new things.

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