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Funding for Forex traders

Want to start your journey as a funded trader and manage our capital remotely?

Our prop firm has developed a one-of-a-kind evaluation challenge catered specifically to uncover trading talents around the globe.

To team up with us, you have to complete the 2-phase evaluation process and immerse yourself in real-life trading conditions. Once you pass the challenge, you will become a funded trader of the FXCI prop trading firm and keep 85% of the gains, we handle the rest.

Your journey might be tricky, but a world of limitless opportunities awaits you!

Choose your account size

Our two-phase challenge is tailored to unveil your trading skills and profitability. According to your account size, you have to complete certain trading objectives to prove you are liable and disciplined enough to deal with our company’s capital skillfully and share gains.

Phase 01
Phase 02
Trading account
Trading periodicon The period of time allocated for completing trading objectives. If you manage to finish them sooner, we will move you to the next phase as promptly as possible.
Minimum trading daysicon A trading day is any day that you execute an order in the market. You need to trade actively for at least 5 days (do not necessarily have to be consecutive).
Maximum Daily Loss (5%)icon A maximum daily loss refers to the largest amount you are allowed to lose from your initial account balance on any given day.
Maximum Loss (10%)icon A maximum loss refers to the largest amount you are allowed to lose from your initial account balance for the entire trading period. For instance, a $100,000 account must not go below $90,000 (10%).
Account Leverageicon The standard leverage is 1:100 to trade for FX instruments.
Profit Target (10%–5%)icon Total profit requirement to advance to next phase.
Compensation Feeicon When you become an FXCI trader, the fee is reimbursed to you with the initial Profit Split.
Profit Spliticon A profit split is a sharing of profits between a trader and our company. Keep up to 85% profit share with FXCI.
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Simple evaluation process

Make it easier with FXCI!

Phase 01

FXCI challenge

FXCI Challenge is the first phase of our evaluation process. During 30 days, you must demonstrate your trading prowess and exhibit discipline in adhering to the Trading Objectives to advance to Phase 2.

Phase 02


Phase 2 is the last step towards becoming an FXCI funded trader, which is also called Verification and lasts 60 days. Once your results are verified and you pass Phase 2, you will unlock boundless opportunities to progress in your trading career using our company’s capital.

Funded trader

From now, you are a funded trader at FXCI company. Trade wisely and be responsible to keep up to 85% of the gains generated. If you demonstrate high profitability month after month, we will scale your account balance according to our plan.

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Why choose FXCI?

Trusted & regulated broker

FXCI is interested in working with a brokerage company with a rock-solid reputation, which is why we choose ‘Weltrade’. They have been awarded Best Foreign Broker 2019 and named the Most Trusted in Asia.

Reachable trading objectives

Although becoming an FXCI funded trader might be challenging, our evaluation process does not contain any absurd profit targets. Our goal is to ensure you can spread your wings and be consistently profitable. You are free to make as much profit as you want both for you and us.

Receive credentials instantly

The process is easy as pie. Register for one of our challenge plans and get account access in a couple of seconds. FXCI traders do not need to wait for hours, instead, they can access their funded accounts in less than 2 minutes.

Friendly customer support

At FXCI, we focus on providing an A-to-Z customer support to help you on your way. We value our traders and we are interested in their success to benefit both sides, so we are ready to do our best to solve your issues as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Make it clear with our FAQ

How does the evaluation challenge work?

Our evaluation process is divided into two phases. In Phase-1, you need to demonstrate your trading skills and experience for 30 days and complete trading objectives. Once successfully completed, you move on to Phase 2, which lasts for 60 days and has specific trading goals that you must achieve. Once you pass all stages, you will become a funded trader and can earn up to 85% of the gains.

How do I get started with the FXCI challenge?

The process of getting started with our evaluation challenge is quite simple. Sign up for one of our account sizes, log in to the trader dashboard, and begin your evaluation process complying with all trading objectives according to your account balance.

Who can join the FXCI trading team?

Our prop firm accepts traders from all around the globe. If you are at least 18 years old and you are burning with desire to become a successful trader, we are interested in you. Start our challenge to get access to your funded account today!

What happens if I break the rules?

To ensure you are a consistently profitable trader and capable of managing risk efficiently, we set up certain trading objectives you have to achieve. If you breach a max daily loss of 5% and a max total loss of 10%, your account will be invalidated. If you do not reach the phase 1 or 2 targets, but remain profitable, you are eligible for an additional opportunity to complete these levels again.

How many account sizes?

At FXCI, we provide our traders with 5 account sizes to choose from. You can register for an account with €10,000, €25,000, €50,000, €100,000, and €200,000. Each account size has specific trading objectives.

Contact Us via support if you have any more questions.

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