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At FXCI, we see trading as a journey – one where the right partner can make all the difference. Our mission goes beyond providing the capital you need to trade. We aim to equip you with support, so you’re never trading alone.

We know that capital is just one piece of the puzzle. That’s why we offer easy-to-follow guidance, tips, and know-how to set you on the path to profitable trading. Whether you’re starting your journey or looking to elevate your trading, we’re with you at every step.

Our culture is built on a friendly spirit and a genuine commitment to helping you succeed. So, no matter what your trading goals or budget may be, with FXCI, you make the most of your investment.

Meet our team

Our journey


We gathered a team of like-minded individuals who are ambitious and highly-skilled traders. As soon as many aspired to become traders, but lack the expertise and a way to acquire it, we decided to fill this gap by launching a trading course.


Our startup turned out to be successful. Immense progress, first 100+ qualified traders, and striving to be better.


We noticed that many Forex traders lack the capital to go all out. At FXCI, we rebranded to a proprietary firm to allow people to trade our company’s funds effectively and benefit both them and us.

2023 — now

We launched our new website to catapult us to the top of the prop firm industry. Our community continually grows, making us even more appealing to traders.

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Our Advantages

Trading with FXCI is a great decision. To foster our trust, let’s see why:

85% profit split
Raw spreads
User-friendly platform
EAs, copy trading & martingale allowed
Striving discord community

Our Mission

At FXCI, our mission is simple: we aim to find as many talented traders as possible who can trade our capital. We realize that lack of access to funds is one of the biggest barriers for those who want to hit the next level of trading.

Therefore, our goal is to benefit millions of traders around the world and give them the necessary capital and freedom to earn as much as they want. When our trader makes a profit, we split it to satisfy each party of the agreement. Simply put, you can keep up to 85% share, while the industry standard is 80%, and we handle the rest.

Our values

We strive to push our company to the top of the prop firm industry. We are traders too and we are interested in your success. Therefore, our company aims to provide traders with top-notch customer support, a simple two- or one-phase challenges, a larger-than-average profit share, integrity, and transparency. We value responsible traders who can be consistently profitable and are ready to prove it.