Keep up to 85% profit share as a funded trader
by completing a two-phase evaluation.

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According to your account size, you have to complete certain trading objectives to prove you are liable and disciplined enough to deal with our company’s capital skillfully and share gains.

Your Account Balance:
Phase 01
Phase 02
Trading account
Trading periodicon The period of time allocated for completing trading objectives. If you manage to finish them sooner, we will move you to the next phase as promptly as possible.
Minimum trading daysicon A trading day is any day that you execute an order in the market. You need to trade actively for at least 5 days (do not necessarily have to be consecutive).
Maximum Daily Loss (5%)icon A maximum daily loss refers to the largest amount you are allowed to lose from your initial account balance on any given day.
Maximum Drawdown (10%)icon A maximum drawdown refers to the largest amount you are allowed to lose from your initial account balance for the entire trading period. For instance, a $100,000 account must not go below $90,000 (10%).
Account Leverageicon The standard leverage is 1:100 to trade FX instruments.
Profit Target (10%–5%)icon Total profit requirement to advance to next phase.
Compensation Feeicon When you become an FXCI trader, the fee is reimbursed to you with the initial Profit Split.
Profit Spliticon A profit split is the sharing of the gains between the trader and our company. Keep 85% of the gains with FXCI.
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How to get started with FXCI?

Partnership with a proprietary firm has never
been easier! At FXCI, you can team up with us
in a few clicks.

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We created a simple and user-friendly sign-up process that takes less than two minutes. To get started, enter your information and confirm your payment.

Receive credentials

Once you register for one of our challenges, you will receive your login instantly.

Start Your Challenge

FXCI empowers you with an interactive dashboard. Depending on your account size, you must complete certain Trading Objectives to move to the next phase.

Become a Funded Trader

Once you have passed our two-phase challenge, you will be able to manage our company’s funds, earn up to 85% profit split and get payouts bi-weekly.

Why our challenge

85% profit split

At FXCI, we are ahead of the competition. While the industry standard is 80%, you can get up to 85% with us, and we cover losses.

Compensation fee

A one-time evaluation fee is reimbursed to you after passing the challenge.

Realistic targets

We set achievable trading objectives. Our aim is your consistent profitability. At FXCI, profit targets of 10% and 5% are unmatched as the industry's lowest.

Simple process

Sign up, receive credentials, complete a two-phase evaluation process, and trade our company’s capital to generate profits for you, for us!